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If your home needs refreshment stop searching for painting contractor in California, and consider both improving your home energy efficiency and adding the new longlasting appearance to your home. With highly reflected Tex Cote cool wall, your home can have a new, modern look and keep your indoor temperature pleasant. We are preferred painting contractors in Los Angeles that can help you find a perfect longlasting and highly reflective tone for your home!

Walls can absorb the sun’s heat, and transfer it to the interior. Every day, for almost 12 hours, the sun heats your home and make it warmer. So, your airconditioning system must continuously keel your home without ceasing. We have a perfect solution that will keep your home unaffected from high outdoor temperatures and decrease the usage of the cooling system!

Exterior “Tex cote COOLWAL” paint has an anti-reflective effect and repels solar radiation, and can lower walls surface temperature for amazing 40 degrees! In a cooling way, let’s say that after applying this paint to your wall, it can reduce home’s cooling costs for 21.9%!

You can choose between various colors of “Tex cote COO WALL” paint, but the most important advance of this highly reflective paint is that it keeps your home fresh and comfort, while saving you money on electricity bills. Highly energy-efficient “Tex cote COOLWALL” paint for your exterior walls is also long-lasting and resistant to fading. Not just that this special paint will reduce your utility bills keeping your home cool and pleasant, it will give your home new and elegant look for many years to come! Consider it as long-term saving energy and savings on a budget intended for painting, as this highly insulating paint lasts a long time and for years look like it was just applied.

Painting Services Los Angeles

Our painting services are mostly intended for Los Angeles and the Southwestern California area, so we are specially oriented on helping people to choose an energy-efficient product and keep their home cool and pleasant. Given that the exterior walls absorb and transmit 90% of solar radiation, and therefore heat, high average summer temperatures in Los Angeles can have an effect on the interior spaces through the walls. We’re bringing you the good possible aesthetic and energy-saving solution for your residential project.

With “LA Green Development” you can not only enjoy in the comfort of your home and save money, but we’re also providing you peace of mind with longlasting painting solutions. Your trust and our expertise in energy-efficient management motivates us to achieve high results and enable you great savings! Our mission is to achieve sustainable driven everyday life and improve the comfort of living to our clients.

Choose wisely your perfect color, your home will be colored and chilled for a long time.

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