About us

In times of change, some changes are for the better. Like building a sustainable energy future. A leading green energy company LA Green Development is bringing you that future to your home. We can help you get your residential improvements and convert them into low energy consumption homes at a low cost, professional way and in a timely manner. We are changing the future of the planet for better by committing to planting a tree for each project we do and therefore making it a greener place for generations to come. As a socially responsible company, we want to encourage others to involve themselves in a positive environmental impact.

Our mission

Today we are trying to repair the damage that we inflict on nature. Global warming, climate change, floods, record droughts, storms, forest fires, air pollution, endangering the flora and fauna – it’s all the result of comfortable human behavior. In California, we are faced with dwindling water resources, rising sea levels and endangering the natural animal habitat. We can not turn the time back, but we can mitigate our impact on the environment and leave the natural heritage to our children.

Every individual can contribute to cleaner air, water and soil, of which the entire living world on earth depends. And this is our true mission! With us, you can count on a strategic partnership, side by side with government and utility upgrade programs,  to ensure high quality and low self-consumption for residential and reduce carbon footprint.

Why choose us?

We can be your reliable partner that finds you all the possible incentives and rebates for energy upgrades in California. Some of the programs for energy efficiency upgrades are completely supported by the local government and can be with zero $ investment! out of pocket!

Trust in LA Green Development means a good alternative to your investment policy. We provide turn-key projects that will be the good choice for your future and the future of the planet. Also, we can proudly say that we are a preferred contractor supported by the State of California. With more than 8 years of experience, high performance has a new name – LA Green Development!