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Environmental Disinfection Services

How do we do it?

  • Luminometer test(Before)- The rep will choose an area where he will perform the bacteria test, which will be done in front of the customer. The idea behind the test is to show the customer how much bacteria they had before the cleaning.
  • Using an Electrostatic sprayer and a Mist Fogger machine, the technician will spray the Disinfection material all over the property: On sofas, beds, chairs, counter tops, cabinets, electronic devices, chargers, remote controls, clickers, door handles, railings, desks, tables and anything that comes into contact with the body.
  • Luminometer test(After) – The rep will perform a second test on the same surface he did before the cleaning after the disinfection material has been applied.
  • The customer will be shown the result, including pictures and videos of the service and the test.
  • The customer will receive a certificate that proves that the cleaning was completed at that facility.

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