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The roof is not only aesthetics top covering, but it is also used to protect the home from rain, snow, wind, sunlight, or extreme temperatures. It can be flat, pitched, vaulted, or in combinations, covered with a wide variety of tiles and shingles, so everyone can choose between different styles or colors that good fit their taste.

But, it’s not that simple to choose quality and long-lasting roof. It’s more complex than it seems to be: it must meet the criteria to keep your home safe from the bad weather, but also – roof covering must be able not to absorb heat from the sun rays, in order to provide a pleasant temperature inside the home, giving you a much more comfortable life than you can imagine.

Material technology is in continuous development, thanks to which we can implement cool roof covering on your home. A cool roof is reflecting sun rays, refuses and redirects them in the opposite course at a certain angle. In that way, cool roof absorbs less heat from the sun, which is a very important link in reaching an energy-efficient home.  Materials that are used for cool roof covering are similar to conventional – what makes them different is highly reflective paint or highly reflective components that are built-in on shingles or tiles.

Every home needs a cool roof

In the summer days, the temperature on your roof can reach up to 150⁰F, or even more. Without a shadow, this heat is absorbed into home for at least 12 hours every day. With a cool roof, this temperature can decrease for 50⁰F, and that means that it can save a lot of money on utility bills for years to come. Today, air conditioning is giving us comfort in all weather conditions, and it’s hard to live without it. Investing in the cool roof can significantly reduce electricity bills and also provide a comfortable temperature in your home, even in spaces that are not air conditioning, like a garage or covered patios which we all usually avoid during the summertime and that are directly transmitting heat to the rest of the house.

Due to global warming, the temperature rise trend is constant and predictable, so investing in the cool roof is a really smart long term investment, that can pay off itself by reducing electricity bills and therefore can save you a lot of money in your pocket.

Cool roof for optimal energy consumption:

Is cool roof worth it? We can say with certainty that it is absolutely worth it! If you have roof project on your mind, you can not dismiss the opportunity to build a cool roof on your home – it can benefit you in several ways.

Reducing airconditioning cost is not the only value you can achieve with a cool roof on your home. Cool roof covering has a longer lifespan than conventional roof materials – its longevity is the result of reduced temperatures on the surface of the roof, which are directly causing damage to the conventional roof covering over the years. With a cool roof, you can just forget about running and maintenance costs. With longer service life and improving indoor comfort, a cool roof has become imperative for every energy-efficient home.

Cool roof for environmental care:

Cool roof coverings are environmentally friendly and do not radiate excess heat in the environment, as is the case with regular roof coverings. Also, it can directly reduce the peak electricity demand, which is representing a major problem for power supply companies, especially in the summertime when power consumption is increased. Less power means less power plant harmful gas emissions and therefore saving the environment.

Today, we treat the planet as if it not ours by pleasing to our needs, but with such a small effort we can contribute to a greener future for our children. Most of the harmful gases emerge from electricity generation, production of transport of oil, gas, and coal. Some of them, like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases can stay in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, or be absorbed into oceans and soil. With properly chosen cool roof coverings every family can contribute to preserving natural resources which are necessary for us and generations to come.

Consult Experts for Roofing Repair in Los Angeles, CA

If you are considering replacing an old roof or installing the new one, you should certainly consult roof specialists and check your electricity bills on hot summer months. There is a wide selection of cool roof coverings on the market which can suit every home style. Metal roof with highly reflective paint coating, asphalt shingles with high solar reflectance, or special cool roof tiles can give you more benefits compared to conventional roofing. And, if you are living in the sunbelt area, such is California, there is no doubt that you can increase the comfort level in your home and reduce your electricity bills.

Cool Roofs in Los Angeles is available to everyone

A new cool roof is not inaccessible to average American family – it can be very affordable if you choose a roofing contractor who can find you all available incentives and rebates for your roofing project. The state of California has recognized the need to support energy management and involve the community in order to reduce carbon footprint and decrease energy consumption for homeowners, so there are many programs that can complement your budget if you are choosing cool roof coverings.

When you’re in California, high temperatures in summer are unimaginable without the powerful air conditioning system. With a slight help of experts from “LA Green Development” you can enjoy in new, aesthetically designed, energy-efficient, and longlasting cool roof without leaving your money on the table. We are providing turnkey solutions and you can count on our professional help in a planning phase because we’re filtering the rebates and incentives like never before to bring you the good cool roof for your residential or commercial project!

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